Greeenford Heroes Performace Review

The greenford heroes performance occured on Wednesday 29th February and was okay.The performance was about the blocks Aristole, Brunel, Curie, Dickens, Escher,Fitzgerald, Gavaskar and Hawking. My opinion of the performance was average and did not come anywhere near my expectation. Out of 10 I would give it 4. Even though they practised through periods 5 and 6 the actors and actresses (students) were tired and under performed. But there was one play that stood out from the rest the Escher play. I say this because of its comedy and there indi who was head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the  Indi’s (Khalid). But the star of the whole performance Mamduh Adan (8W3) with his passionate performnce in the Dickens Humantarian play about fallen woman.



2 thoughts on “Greeenford Heroes Performace Review

  1. A harsh review, Tolulope – you have high standards. I think you all performed well, but some of the scipts were a bit long, and that was what tired everyone out. It is not every day you perform with 240 other people, and you all did very well when you take that into account!

  2. I enjoyed everyones performance. they where all interesting.I loved the fact that we created the scripes, the last one made me want to go home because it was the last one and my bottom was hurting. but overall 100/10 and the plus we missed 2 double period 🙂

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