The Greenford Heroes:Night At The Museum

In this production, year 8 had to depict parts of our Greenford High School Heroes’ (Aristotle, Brunel, Curie, Dickens, Escher, Fitsgerald, Gavaskar, Hawking) lives. My class played out different parts of M.C Escher’s life. I played Escher’s Secondary School art teacher. He was supposed to be very bad at art in his young age so he was shouted at and humiliated. 

One of the best actors was Mamduh. He played the father of a pregnant teenager in Dickens’ life. He showed great passion and anger in his performance and this was so realistic that we felt sorry for Caitlin who was playing his pregnant daughter.

The performance was very good overall, and I hope to repeat an activity like this again sometime.

Shivam Damle JLT                                                                                                  

4 thoughts on “The Greenford Heroes:Night At The Museum

  1. The Greenford High School production was a great performance and it was really good and i enjoyed it when all the fourms were performing and i like the rap that Akash, Jordan and Kasim did because it was really funny and it explained about their performance. It was awesome!!! i hope we do it again! 🙂

  2. i think we all tried hard no matter if we reached our expectancy with the performance or ourselves so in my opinion it was very well done.

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